6 Great gift ideas to spoil him with this festive season

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6 Great gift ideas to spoil him with this festive season

Are you busy putting together your Christmas gifting list and looking for inspiration for items that you can gift to the special men in your life?

Although there are the usual options of chocolates, snacks and nuts that you can consider, why not make things a little different this year with long-lasting, high-quality leather gifts. After all, gifts that can be used over and over again are just all the more special …

In today’s blog, we are looking at six great gift ideas that you can consider for festive gifting – and they can inspire gift giving for special occasions and birthdays too!

1. A high-quality leather wallet

Something that everyone needs, a wallet is always a perfect carry-on … and often, some wallets could get frayed easily or start tearing at the seams, which could mean the contents inside aren’t safe anymore.

If you have a loved one that needs an urgent wallet update, we recommend a first-rate leather wallet that looks great and is pretty sturdy too. Those that have zip-up designs offer even more safety and convenience, so consider these items if you are keen to gift someone with a present that will make life so much easier.

2. A stylish satchel that will make commuting a breeze

Nowadays, having a satchel or bag for commuting to work is an essential accessory – and the last thing anyone wants is having a bag strap snap or tear and precious hardware being ruined. However, a stylish leather satchel not only brings that perk of being sturdy and hardwearing – it is also so fashionable and can be worn on casual days visiting a coffee shop too!

As a Christmas gift, this is sure to be a hit – it is that ideal look that can go from casual occasions to more formal when needed.


3. A nifty card holder for those that travel light

Do you have a loved one that prefers to go about their day with only minimal accessories? Then they are sure to love this perfect stocking filler: a leather card wallet. Slim and easy to slip into pockets, this is a great solution for carrying credit cards or even business cards – and thanks to its leather material, it offers long-lasting quality that the men in your life will surely love.

4. A travel bag for avid explorers

If you and your partner often travel and explore weekends away at beautiful occasions, a leather travel bag will definitely make your travels so much sweeter.

Unlike a regular tog bag, a leather bag offers a more durable option that can carry a variety of essentials, and those that have separate compartments will make it easy to sort and store travel essentials.

Plus, if you and your significant other love to match your travel accessories, why not double up your gifting and add a beautiful leather travel bag for yourself under the tree too!


5. A man bag to carry all those daily extras

Planning to buy a gift for someone who often has more than his wallets and keys to carry? A leather man bag is a great choice that will give him the convenience he needs, plus help him to protect valuable items such as his wallet, sunglasses, mobile phone, earphones and phone charger.

This is a great consideration for your gifting list – man bags are fashionable and with their trendy looks, they are always a fantastic accessory to have.


6. A wallet with a pop of colour

Does your partner or relative love accessories that have a burst of colour that show a bit of their vibrant personality too? Why not spoil them with leather wallets with colourful inlays. With stylish outer leather materials and fun shades on the inside, these designs are so good-looking, and just a bit cheeky to make gifting this Christmas an extraordinary occasion.

Leather – a wonderful choice for gifting this season

Durable, comfortable and natural, leather products are such a treat as Christmas gifts. Dustproof, crack-resistant and beautifully made, they are a must on your shopping list this season – and your loved ones will surely enjoy getting spoiled with premium gifts that they can enjoy every day!

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