Gold is forever. Check Out The Latest Trends in Gold Jewellery

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Gold is forever. It's a beautiful, classic metal that never goes out of style and always looks glamorous. Gold jewellery is the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it be a personal treat, an engagement ring or a present to show someone you care about them.

2021 Trends

The latest trends in gold jewellery include delicate chains with pendant necklaces, elaborate bracelets with matching earrings and rings to complete the set. Some of the latest styles are influenced by our stay-at-home lifestyle over the last year or so. The big surprise is some of this year’s trends aren’t gold at all!

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can wear. Let’s look at some of the current popular trends.

Classic, traditional jewellery

Think classic Hollywood. A Film premiere or the Oscars. Big-name actors are wearing a white tuxedo with a bowtie. The leading ladies have sumptuous dresses paired with simple gold jewellery earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Top-quality gold jewellery is timeless, it matches the outfit and enhances the wearer. This style of jewellery probably won’t ever go out of style, because of the larger-than-life personalities who wear it.


Minimalist jewellery is, as it sounds, straightforward and unfussy. Small, delicate pieces with a simple design. A single colour, perhaps with neutral stones.

This style suggests the wearer isn’t swayed too much by the jewellery and they let the outfit, shoes and hair do the talking.

Double (or triple) up!

This young-looking, funkier style has come about during the current global pandemic and endless meetings on Teams or Zoom. Delicate jewellery isn’t enough to stand out when you are one of a dozen faces on a laptop screen. The point here is to catch the eye without being too ostentatious.

Ladies, and fellas, are wearing multiple earrings or a combination of studs and earrings.

Wrists are adorned with multiple delicate chain bracelets. To ensure you get noticed on those Zoom meetings, pair gold wrist chains with funky rope bracelets.


In today’s climate change aware world, sustainable living is king! The mantra is ‘Replace, reuse, repurpose’. Cheaper costume jewellery often breaks after being worn on few occasions and is thrown away.

We are avoiding the need to dispose of multiple pieces of cheap jewellery. Owning a smaller number (often one!) of quality jewellery is the modern way. Not only are you saving the world but you have a great piece of jewellery that will last you a lifetime!

Blended organic

Blending gold, or even gold-plated or silver jewellery with other materials causes a double-take, to admire your styling.

For gents, rings may have gold with tungsten while bracelets may pair precious metal with a more organic rope effect.

Ladies are wearing simple gold necklaces adorned with geometric style coloured beads. An offshoot of the organic trend, traditional style cocktail-ready chandelier earrings, often with an ethnic design,  are big this year.

Independent brands

A deliberate move away from the classic, Hollywood look. Independent brands are designed and hand-crafted by the designer’s own team. Edgier and funkier jewellery may not include gold. The jewellery looks unique and the wearer is stating they don’t feel the need to follow the mainstream.

Couple jewellery

The latest fad from celebrity culture. “Couple jewellery” is where a couple expresses their feelings for each other by wearing matching or complementary jewellery. In a move away from gender-specific collections, a couple may sport a mismatched pair of the same earrings. According to an article by Marie Claire magazine, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are fans of this movement having shared images of them wearing matching bracelets.

Colourful beads/Colourful bracelets

In an article about 2021 jewellery trends, Cosmopolitan magazine suggests colourful beads and bracelets are this year’s go-to style. In another move from a gold-only theme, this style has brightly coloured rope style bracelets for men and women. Necklaces with coloured beads are designed to evoke that “just back from the beach holiday” feeling which few people are experiencing this year!

Teddy Sinclair - Blue Mountain trendsetters

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