Elegance Wooden Watch Watches Fr33 Earth

Elegance Wooden Watch

The Elegance watch is made for the modern woman who wants something Elegant and sporty. Made with a clean finish and encased in Bamboo. Elegant has a thin wood watch band and uses Japanese quality quartz movement parts. Wear Elegant to your next meeting.

We give back 5% off sales to KIVA and fund micro loans to help farmers in developing countries grow there own farms so that they may have better incomes and lives.
Once these farmers repay the loans we resend these funds to other farmers. Becoming an ongoing cycle of support and growth.

So every purchase you make with FR33 EARTH becomes the very seed that helps a farmer to start a farm to get out of poverty.

Please Note:
Due to the variable nature of wood, the colour of your watch may be slightly different from the photo. Making your watch one-of-a-kind.
Every watch is individually hand crafted by our artistic watch makers. We use 100% natural wood as a material, there may be some spots on the wood, This is not a quality problem.