Georgie doll's head candle
Georgie doll's head candle
Georgie doll's head candle
Georgie doll's head candle

Georgie doll's head candle

"Hi Georgie, I said hello! Oh, come on puckle, don’t you want a balloon?" - Pennywise

Doll head candle hand poured with natural wax.

Expect variations in the colour and the finish of the wax - this makes your little Georgie boy individual. Light up his cute dome or use him as an ornament.

If you do choose to burn Georgie here are the details on how you can get the maximum burn time possible:

The first time you burn your creepy wax try not to set it alight for less than 2 hours so that a good burn pool can be established. We generally burn our creepy wax for about 4 hours at time and keep an eye on it while it is on fire (if possible try to burn your freak for the same amount of time each time you set them on fire)! If it is a smaller candle like Gage we burn it for a little less, about 2 - 3 hours at a time. Please note that due to their size and shape, each freak burns differently and for different amounts of time. They have minds of their own and how they end up burning cannot be predicted! Please refer to the instructions that come with your creepy wax!

If your candle develops a hole and starts to "bleed out" in a certain spot we recommend putting the candle out and then plugging any hole with some of the cooled wax. Wait for your candle to completely cool before firing it up again! The first two to three times you light up your freak are very important as these burns can set the tone for how your candle continues to burn. If they spring a leak or two blow them out and plug them back up!!

Keep wicks trimmed to approximately 5mm for every burn.

Fire them up on a flat heat resistant dish or put them in a vase, always within sight.

Keep your ghouls out of reach of children and pets and avoid drafts and direct sunlight.

Whether you choose to set your creepy wax on fire or you choose not to burn them, be aware that over time the appearance of the wax may change, some of them get frosty and some might change colour (especially if they are placed in or near sunlight). This is all perfectly normal. Our ghouls get better and better with age and will make your home smell awesome! Once you have burned them they make great ornaments as they are or you can also put some cactus or succulents in them.