5 reasons why we should buy leather bags!

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Recently, everything is getting cheaper and cheaper. Things are designed to fall apart after a few months simply to make you replace them. An environmentally destructive cycle that hurts our world and our wallet. Now more than ever, we need to start thinking about value and put aside wastage. Landfill is a major issue and cheap plastic bags (PU)  are a large contributor .

Leather bags have been fashionable for centuries, for one simple reason. You find a great one and it lasts a lifetime. We have those great ones!
Here is Teddy Sinclairs list of 5 reasons to buy a great leather bag!

1. Leather bags are incredibly durable.

Leather is a natural material which is dried and tanned by hand in Australia to become durable and beautiful. Teddy Sinclair bags are made from all Aussie materials and most are even manufactured right here in our great country so we can assure the quality and workmanship.

2. Aussie made! 

As I mentioned earlier. Our bags have all Aussie materials and most of them are even made right here in our melbourne factory. From Aussie farms to Aussie factories to our Aussie family run store. let's keep our money in Australia and help support Aussies everywhere.

3. Leather bags are classic.

They always have and always will be in fashion. The bag you buy tomorrow will still be classic for years to come! They are great for any occasion. They look amazing in a job interview and show class and authority with a suit and will fit right in with a simple jeans and a shirt combo! They can just fill in a fashion style and complete the look or they can be the build around to make the perfect style.

4. Leather bags look after themselves.

Once a year slap a little leather conditioner on there and watch it come back to life. Any scratches or marks will simply fade away till they look brand new. Or if that is too much take a look at Hunter leather. The more it gets scratched and beaten the better it looks. They simply work.

5. Long term money saver (and planet saver)

Now, leather may seem like a bit of an investment upfront compared to many cheaper  materials but this is simply untrue. Yes, they may start off with a higher price tag sure, but once you factor in years of replacing cheap disposable materials the savings  become much more evident. The average lifespan of a plastic (PU) (handbag or satchel) bag is often less than a year. Even more durable materials like canvas and cotton will start to fall apart after a few years of work. Now a great leather bag will last a lifetime and looks great the entire time. After using my leather bag for 3 years it honestly looks better than when I bought  it and I have never put any effort into taking care of it.
That's why when you talk to any smart shoppers they will be carrying around a really beautiful leather bag! No if's or but's let's put quality back into shopping. Help the world, help Australia and help our wallets! 

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