About Us



 Teddy's Journey

Teddy was returning from Mongolia searching for the lost dinosaur bone dunes via Bangkok when a vision of the Blue Mountains presented itself. A postcard of a lovely health spa set atop a vast sandstone escarpment laid down 300 million years ago. It was offering Teddy a welcome respite from the grueling adventures just undertaken. It promised Blue horizons stretching as far as the eye could see with the delights of gorgeous villages and friendly locals… attractions that Teddy could not resist.


After partaking of the curative mineral water offered by the healing spa, Teddy began to explore. After trekking through canyons and boulevards, Teddy noticed a distinct lack of inspirational transactional experiences in these wonderful eucalypt covered mountains. A womens shop connected to a man shop was Teddys eureka moment. “ I will travel the world to collect the most sumptuous items that will delight all that visit these glades and vistas. Leather goods, jewellery, stationary, hats coats ties scarves… all sorts of curiosities with one goal… to delight the senses and gladden the heart. Teddy proceeded to create this Cabinet of Curiosities in the heart of leafy Leura and was pleased. Two stores side by side with the warmth and imagination beloved by all who visit.


Come along and share Teddys passion for the robust and unusual… a desire to explore the wonders of our vast horizons. You can use Teddys telephonic computing service to access the cabinet or drop in by anyway that locomotion can wash you up in this paradise. Either way Teddy will be exploring the globe searching for that perfect, strange wonderful gift for your own “cabinet of Curiosities”.