Capt Fawcett's Alum Bar Grooming Barber Brands

Capt Fawcett's Alum Bar

Hurting from razor burn? Needing to heal the occasional cut from intrepid shaving expeditions? Captain Fawcett Traditional Alum Bar has you covered, providing the timeless protection of the most traditional barbers that's worked for centuries. As essential to a Gentleman's shaving experience as the best badger brush, the Bar will calm skin and help it retain moisture all while aiding the healing process of your shaving scrapes. Captain Fawcett Traditional Alum Bar is an incredibly hard, crystalline stone that only becomes active once wetted and brought into contact with skin. It then immediately gets to work, instilling antiseptic and antiperspirant properties into your skin through a thin protective layer. Forming almost a seal over skin, it allows the Bar to clear out your pores and halt the bleeding caused by occasional shaving nicks. Wet the Captain Fawcett Traditional Alum Bar and pass over face after wet shaving or before an electrical device


Simply moisten the stone with cold water & smooth gently over your face to close pores & reduce razor burn.

Presented in a handy little cotton drawstring bag.