Flamingo Earrings Good After Nine TH
Flamingo Earrings Good After Nine TH

Fabulous Flamingo Earrings

 A flamingo's plumage is a distinctive pink color with black flight feathers along the edges of the wings. It has a slender body and very long legs, a long, flexible neck and a small head. The flamingo's bill has a characteristic downward bend. The flamingo's pink or red color comes from its food, including algae and shrimp. Flamingos often stand on one leg, with their head resting on their body and their other leg tucked under the abdomen. This posture cuts heat loss through the legs and feet.

How we love a flamingo and so will you when you wear these amazing hand painted earrings. They have a lever back style hook so that is great cos you won't lose them once they are on. The hooks are made from nickel free Brass. The gold on these are 18k gold plated. Stunning and quirky!

Size Height 5.4cm, Width 2cm