How To Get A Musty Smell Out Of A Leather Bag

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How to get a musty smell out of a leather handbag

A beautiful, high-quality leather bag is certainly one of the biggest pleasures in life. That bespoke design of a premium product made from natural materials that you love to show off to the world … that truly is style right there!

However, when it comes to how to remove odour from a purse or how to get a musty smell out of leather, things could get tricky if you do not know what to do!

Some of the reasons why leather bags get that dreaded musty smell are a combination of circumstance and habit.

For instance, when your leather bag gets wet and it is not immediately wiped and aired, that smell could settle in, not to mention unwanted mildew. The same can be said if your bag gets exposed to smoke: storing it afterwards or not placing it in proper ventilation can make your favourite bag or purse even.

And if you have several leather purses and store them for prolonged periods … a musty smell is sure to follow, causing frustration of how you will be able to salvage your treasured high-quality leather items!

However, all is not lost for your beautiful leather bags and purses. In this blog, we are sharing a step by step guide on how to remove odour from a purse, how to get a musty smell out of leather and how to remove a mildew smell from leather.

Have a look below at some easy steps that are sure to help you restore your items to their former glory.

Top tips for getting rid of musty smells out of your leather accessories

Before starting with our tips below, consider giving your leather purse or handbag a quick clean; first with a dry dusting cloth to catch any dust or dirt, then with damp (but not wet cloth) for getting rid of any messes, inside and outside of your leather bags.

Then proceed with the below.

Step 1: Place leather outside in the sun – but not in direct light

Choose an airy area such as your porch or patio table where you can place your leather handbag for about a day. Ensure that the bag is properly opened, and also not exposed to direct sunlight, which could cause fading and damage to the materials.

Another tip to consider: do not place your bag where it could potentially get wet, such as too close to a sprinkler that goes off regularly or your swimming pool where splashes could land on your bags and make them wet.

Step 2: Mix warm water and rubbing alcohol together

The next step in how to remove a musty smell from leather is the application of warm water and rubbing alcohol.

First, however, check your bag for any remaining odours. The reason for this is that if the smell is gone from your leather bag, there might not be any need for further cleaning; however, if that musty smell is still lingering, continue as below.

Using a small bowl, create your cleaning solution using equal parts warm water and rubbing alcohol. It is always best to spot check your bag before full application to ensure that you will not stain your bag.

Once satisfied, apply the mixture with a small sponge, taking care not to make the bag overly wet. Then, gently wipe your bag afterwards with a clean cloth and allow drying.

Step 3: Place charcoal briquettes in the leather handbag

It might seem strange to use these barbeque aids in your quality leather bag, but they are actually also useful to get musty smells out of leather.

Gently wrap your briquettes in paper towels to ensure that they will not stain your bag, then place them inside and change them every couple of days until your leather bags are free from any smells or odours.

Step 4: Spray your leather purse with a shoe freshening spray

Have you ever had to get rid of a musty smell in your favourite pair of leather shoes or even your gym trainers?

A high-quality shoe freshening spray can help you do the same for your beautiful leather bags too! Gently spray your bags and then leave outside in a safe spot to dry – remember to check afterwards for any remaining smells that could linger.

Step 5: Pour baking soda near the leather handbag

If you love baking as much as you adore your leather bags and purses, chances are that you also have baking soda in your pantry.

The good news is that this baking and cleaning aid can assist in helping you to get rid of a musty smell in a leather handbag too!

Now, the idea is not to rub the baking soda directly onto your bag or leather purse: rather, to deodorise by placing a small bowl near your bag to absorb the odours, replacing your bowl’s contents every day until the smell is gone.

Alternatively, you could fill a clean sock with baking soda and tie it to close, and then place it with your bag (not touching each other) in a large air-tight container or even a resealable plastic bag if you prefer. Leave for 24 hours, then remove your bag and check it for any remaining musty smells. Repeat the process if needed.

Get rid of musty smells and enjoy your leather bags once more!

You made an incredible investment when buying your premium leather bags, so why hide them from the world! Follow the above steps to get rid of musty smells fast, and enjoy every moment of wearing your gorgeous styles.

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