5 Ways to wear a leather bag for the summer holidays

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5 Ways to wear a leather bag for the summer holidays

Sunshine style is on our radar! We simply love how summer allows us to be more creative, more colourful and even more fashionable when it comes to pairing outfits and accessories – especially when it comes to leather bags.

These types of bags aren’t just for winter wear: they can look incredibly chic when it comes to summer outfits and when travelling. With the right choice, you will always be perfectly styled to look your best.

In today’s blog, we will be looking at five ways to wear a leather bag this summer – and provide some amazing examples on how to rock the look like a pro, especially when it comes to bags for holiday travel!

First, let’s check out the soft bag trend.


Soft, feminine and gorgeous

Just because it is leather, it doesn’t mean it has to be grunge (although we love that style too!). If you have been looking for the best feminine bag to wear this summer to parties or a girls’ night out, a soft leather bag will work beautifully.

We love a tan design variation in this style: it works wonderfully with white summer dresses and little black dresses too. Just add strappy sandals and pumps and your outfit will be complete! If you are travelling or staying overnight at a weekend getaway, this bag is perfect to hold all your essential items – you will easily be able to snap up a selfie or quickly apply another coat of lip balm!


A tote(al) delight as a travel bag

A leather tote bag with beautiful trimmings look amazing and will enhance your style when you are out and about running errands, going to work or simply meeting up with friends at your favourite coffee shop.

Thanks to its generous space and sturdy, long-lasting materials, this eye-catching bag style is a perfect overnight or holiday bag – it is a perfect choice if you are heading to a beachy mini-vacation and need a travel companion for your beach towel, sunglasses and a favourite book!


Amazing cowhide print

Cowhide bags are super-chic when it comes to evening wear and parties – they give your outfit that natural twist of texture that truly makes it stand out.

If your holiday plans include dinners at wonderful resorts or hotels and you need a bag that will look on-trend, you will definitely not go wrong with a cowhide clutch – it is just the right size to match any evening occasion.

You can also match this trend with an animal print travel bag – so, why not earn double style points when you are heading to your next exciting destination!


The perfect carry-on

Want to look sophisticated and on-trend as you board that plane for your next travels? A red leather backpack will make you feel comfortable and relaxed – choose a variety in pebbled leather that will wear beautifully and not strain your shoulders.

Do take care to not overload your bag: Rather put some items in your suitcase if you will not need them immediately during your flight.


A beach party winner that will not weigh you down

Let’s be honest: when it comes to beach parties and other holiday events, you do not want to be weighed down by a large bag. And if the occasion is low-key, you can accessorise beautifully with a multi-coloured slim bag that you can wear cross-body or casually over your shoulder.

Look for a leather bag that has vibrant colours to add to the mood of the event that you attend – and make these colours pop by wearing a dress in matching tones!


Wear your favourite leather bag your way

The fantastic benefit of leather bags is that they can be styled and used for various reasons, from parties and daily use to travel. Because leather is tough and long-lasting, it is also a great material to choose to protect important items as you go about your day.

So, choose a design that you love and make it a style statement by pairing your favourite clothing and accessories to create a perfectly rounded final look!

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