Where Online To Buy This Season's Jewellery

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Jewellery is a great gift for any occasion. It should be something the recipient will love and cherish forever. But jewellery can be expensive, which is why many people buy it online to save money.  Buying jewellery online has never been easier with all different sites out there who have beautiful jewellery at affordable prices!

In this article, we’ll look at what trends are popular this season and why buying jewellery online is a great idea. We're also going to focus on one such site - Teddy Sinclair boutique gift shop, located in Leura, Blue Mountains - where you can find some amazing jewellery pieces at competitive prices.

Online jewellery retail stores are a great way to buy the perfect gift for any occasion. Let’s look at what jewellery is stylish and what all the hip people will be wearing this season.

Organic and Ethnic

Think about Ladies’ jewellery. The image is of shiny gemstones and gold. The stuff that’s sold in about every high street store. There is so much more amazing jewellery rather than traditional gold and gemstone. The classy new-look accessories celebrate diversity with organic and ethnic designs. They are fashion-forward and timelessly classy.

Ladies jewellery is a big market with many specialities catering to specific style preferences for every kind of woman. Big, bright and bold, organic and ethnic designs are a perfect fit for the woman who loves natural-style products. Or wants to wear something as unique as they are!

This trend is a break away from traditional jewellery. Created by designers inspired by their own culture and often made in-house. Wear the new jewellery the next time you are in your favourite restaurant or down at the beach when summer arrives. You will look, and feel, fabulous!


Fads for lads

Gent’s jewellery is veering away from traditional shopping mall styles. This winter fashionable men are wearing simple yet stylish jewellery with dark colours to go well with anything. You can find these accessories as rings, rope-style-finish bracelets and cufflinks. A stylish, manly accessory would be a leather belt.

As with jewellery for ladies, the trend is a move away from bling to more simple, urban-style pieces which reflect individuality.

Online vs instore shopping

At the time of writing this article, most Australian cities are in another lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic so, apart from supermarkets, shopping online is all there is for now!

There are benefits to online shopping, including:

  • Crowded stores and pushy salespeople who want to get their commission?
    • Nope, not if you shop online, from your sofa or even your bed!
  • No pressure when you shop online
    • Browse for whatever you like. Change your mind as often as you want to and then order at your own pace
  • No parking spaces? Huge queues at the tills?
    • Who cares? You are shopping online
  • You can find a huge selection of products and brands at any time of day or night. Have them delivered straight to your door in a matter of days!
  • Boring commute to work? Get out your tablet, laptop or ‘phone and browse the shops
    • unless you are driving to work, of course!

Teddy’s Boutique and Mancave

The gem in the crown of the Blue Mountains, Teddy Sinclair’s boutique shop and man cave are located in Leura. Check out our website to browse, read and buy our jewellery at your own pace.

We have a fabulous, stylish, cool range of cutting-edge designer jewellery.

Organic and ethnic? Check!

If you're looking for something more unique and individual rather than “the usual”, Teddy Sinclair’s website is the store for you. We have a huge range of equally stylish and unique bags, ladies clothing and accessories.

Our Mancave is online, too. We have a men's Jewellery section where you'll find everything from cufflinks to bracelets and rings! We are committed to stocking the best quality men's accessories, including luxurious leather belts with button details for that manly vibe.

 All of our items come with free shipping within Australia and guarantee 100% joy. Our refund policy gives you peace of mind in your purchase. If you're looking for something that is more stand-out and unique and suits your individuality rather than jewellery-store-popular, then check out Teddy Sinclair online!

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