How to Clean and Take Care of Your Leather Bag?

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How to Clean and Take Care of Your Leather Bag?

Whether you've purchased designer piece or a high-street gem, leather bags are designed to stand the test of time. Leather is prized for its aesthetic subtleties, such as varied textures, subtle variations in tone, slowly forming patinas, and subtle indicators of a well-lived existence. We're all about taking care of our favorite leather bags, prolonging their life, and getting the most bang for our bucks. 

Leather cleaning and care is a specialist technique used to maintain the appearance and feel of leather bags. The proper maintenance and purification of water and fatty components will keep its flexibility and beauty, as well as avoid damages and blemishes, therefore knowing how to clean your leather bag is essential.

When working with a material as adaptable and multifaceted as leather, the maintenance decisions you make may influence the appearance of your leather products for years to come, allowing you to really personalize them to your particular taste.

Your most prized leather purse will look lovely for years to come if you follow these simple instructions of the professionals from Leura Mall. From day-to-day care and maintenance to minor repairs and specialized cleaning, you'll discover all you need to know about leather care right here.

How to Look After Your Leather Goods

While you may like the notion of sending your bag to a specialist every month to be treated and cleaned, for many of us, this is not a practical option. However, there are several actions you can do at home to keep your precious leather bag in great condition. By taking the time to care after your leather bag, you will preserve the value and look of your most prized possession.

A. Everyday Care

Day-to-day care is the first step in caring for your leather bag. You may minimize excessive wear and tear and extend the life of your bag for years by following a few easy rules:

  • Because leather is a skin, it may expand. To retain the original form of your leather bag, avoid overfilling it.
  • Take special care of your leather bag if you use it frequently. 
  • Wipe away dust and stains with a soft cloth or brush once a week. Scratches can distract from a beautifully constructed object. When you're out and about, take care not to come into touch with excessively decorated clothing, sharp surfaces, or heavy jewelry.
  • Wet leather needs additional care, so bring an umbrella if rain is expected.

B. Proper Storage of Leather Bags

You may be wondering how you should store your leather bag. One of the simplest methods to avoid damage and preserve a high-quality finish is to store your leather bag properly:

  • Keep leather bags out of direct sunlight, since this might cause fading.
  • Keep leather bags in a dust bag to minimize scratches. 
  • Avoid using plastic bags since they restrict adequate airflow. 
  • Keep leather bags away from artificial heat sources, such as radiators, which can cause leather to dry and crack.

C. Special Care for Leather Bags

  • While it may be tempting to leave our leather bags filled with our daily necessities for the next day, instead take the time to empty them entirely to avoid warping.
  • If you're going to keep your bag in storage for a lengthy period of time - say, until next season - you should wrap hardware like zips and clasps in tissue paper to prevent them from leaving unsightly impressions on your leather. 
  • The next step is to cover your bag, preferably in the dust bag that it came in.
  • After covering your bag, keep it away from direct sunlight and artificial heat sources. Make careful to keep it on its base rather than hanging it, since this might cause the handles to strain.


When you acquired your luxury handbag, it had the style, quality, and features you desired and required, but it is now beginning to show signs of wear. You don’t need to worry one bit. We are going to give you a detailed guide of how to clean your leather bags. This is a three step method which involves dusting, cleaning and conditioning.

1. Dusting

Begin by lightly cleaning the exterior of your leather purse to remove any surface dust and grime. Using a clean, dry towel to quickly dry-dust your luggage is an excellent habit to do every few days.

2. Cleaning

Cleaning is appropriate for routine care and maintenance of leather bags and should be performed a few times a year—up to once a month. If you're struggling with a particular cleaning problem, such as how to clean leather bags stains; here is how you can get rid of them.

Removing dirt stains

The most typical cleaning issue that owners of leather bags encounter is dirt stains, which may readily collect due to regular use. Fortunately, it is also one of the simplest stains to remove at home.

To produce a cleaning solution, combine equal parts vinegar and water. Wipe it lightly over the stained surface and repeat for a few minutes. Another natural cleaning alternative is to use an equal amount of lemon juice and cream of tartar. Apply the paste to the discolored surface, let it sit for 7-10 minutes, and then gently wipe it away with a moist cotton towel.

Removing grease stains

To begin, it is critical to avoid exposing the damaged area to water, since this can worsen the staining. Instead, use a cotton pad or cloth, and dab it on the desired area. Then, sprinkle with a dry mixture of equal parts cornstarch and baking soda. Allow it to sit for a few hours to allow the powder to absorb the oil or grease from the discoloration. After that, use a dry towel to remove any extra powder.

Removing ink-based stains

Using your favorite nail polish remover is your best choice for securely removing stubborn ink stains at home. Separate the stained area and use a cotton pad or swab to dab it with nail polish remover.

Alternatively, rubbing alcohol can be used to achieve the same stain-removing results. Be careful and do not massage it forcefully, as this will cause more harm than good by allowing the stain to get more thoroughly absorbed. Use a gentle hand to dab at it.


Combine the lemon juice and cream or tarts. Apply the resulting paste to the discolored region and let it sit for 10 minutes. The paste should then be brushed away, and the leather should be allowed to dry fully. Repeat as required to eliminate the discoloration.

Liquid Stains

Begin by dumping a lot of water over your leather bag to absorb as much moisture as possible. Use a tissue or a dry cloth to absorb the moisture. Next, dampen a clean cloth with warm water and dab it on the affected area. Work from the outside inward to prevent the stain from spreading. Dab the area with a dry cloth to absorb any remaining wetness. Allow the handbag to dry in your leather in a warm place.

Removing Odors

Bacteria is usually to blame for unpleasant odors emanating from your leather bag. Clean the bag on the interior and exterior to get rid of odors. Here are some particular cleaning techniques for removing odors:

  • Because the interior lining must be cleaned, make sure you have cleaning supplies on hand.
  • Your bag may have a removable liner. Look and see, since this makes interior cleaning easier.
  • When cleaning your leather bag, look inside the pockets and corners. Bacteria often grow in these locations.
  • Thoroughly clean the handles and any usable surfaces. Oils from your hand that fall into the leather may occasionally cause odors.

Removing Mold

The mold may devour leather, causing it to smell or discolor. To begin cleaning a leather bag, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface mold of the leather. If your bag is dry enough, the mold will fall out soon. After cleaning, allow your bag to dry a second time. For any deep mold that is not visible on your bag, use a leather cleaning product. To minimize the growth of further molds, store your leather purse in a low-moisture environment in the future.


When you are done with the cleaning part, it’s time for conditioning. It is critical to condition the leather after cleaning a leather bag. High-quality leather is a natural material that will dry out over time if not properly cared for. Apply leather conditioner on a soft cloth (not directly into the leather) and gently rub a thin coating into the whole surface of the bag to encourage the greatest look and life for your leather handbag. 

To achieve uniform covering, work in big portions, panel by panel. Take extra precautions around zippers, pockets, and decorations. After applying the conditioner, rub the leather surface lightly with another soft, dry cloth. Condition your leather bag once or twice a year, or more frequently if you live in a very dry region.

Give your Prized Possession a Second Chance

When you invest in a gorgeous, high-quality leather purse, it’s worth learning how and how often to clean it properly. Prevention is the easiest and most safe approach to make your leather bag seem new and fresh. By following the above given methods you will be able to restore the leather bag that might otherwise be discarded, giving your prized possession a second chance.

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